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The Thriving Future of Mobile App Technology

Prediction games are afoot as the market of mobile app continues to surprise us with its staggering performance.

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According to a recent study, it is likely that about 50% of small businesses will launch their mobile apps by 2017, which indeed is a huge number. The application development world is evolving and businesses are piloting to new technologies and frameworks to excel.

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About 10% of small business owners have successfully launched their apps right now while others are still planning to taste the flavor of the same. However, with a steep rise in mobile technology and the advantages it adds to one’s business, it is estimated that the year 2017 will have approximately half of the business owners on board.

It seems that the trend is gaining momentum and small businesses owners are finally realizing the potential of having a mobile app. They are getting closer to understanding the real benefits of having a mobile app like growth, a brisk rise in sales, consumer interaction and engagement.

It has been observed that the total traffic coming from mobile today has increased seven times as compared to the traffic recorded back in 2013. According to industry experts, it became obvious to have a mobile app or at least a mobile-friendly website to cater to the needs of a customer. Referencing the same, small scale enterprises have shown a keen interest in developing their own mobile app.

A business can serve its customers with a myriad of benefits via mobile apps resulting in a win-win situation for both business owner as well as the consumer.

  • Online business becomes easy with fast-forward checkout process
  • Less checkout time means more sale in less time
  • Improved user experience
  • Effective communication
  • Higher Consumer engagement

Considering all these factors, small businesses are inclined towards building a mobile app. Local businesses like restaurants, taxi providers, event organizers, wedding planners, supermarkets, travel agencies and used car dealers focus on developing an app in the near future to cater to their customer base in an effective manner.

In fact, technology calls for every business to be app-attentive these days. People are becoming tech-savvy and gadgets have moved to a much-advanced level- be it employees working in a multinational company or a student studying in Grade 10, grannies to housewives, everyone has a smartphone. It becomes even more important to have an app nowadays as the number of smartphone users is mushrooming like never before.

At Konstantinfo, we are aware of the present market scenario and hold pride in calling ourselves the pioneers of iPhone as well as Android app development. No matter what the idea is and what technologies to integrate, we do it in a cost-effective yet efficient manner.

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