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Swift vs Objective-C: What is the Best Language for iOS Development?


Swift is a multi-paradigm, a general purpose programming language that Apple Inc. developed for its various operating systems such as IOS, TVOS, MacOS, Watch OS. It was licensed under the Apache License 2.0. It was first time in 2014. It supports many operating systems such as Linux, Darwin, Free BSD etc. This is a steady and firmly typing discipline. To work in apple products, Swift is designed to work with Apple's Coco Framework and Objective C Library. The file name extension for swift files is .swift and it supports many main components from Objective C.

Objective C is also an Object Oriented and General Purpose Programming Language Plus Small Talk Style Messaging to C Programming Language. It is contemplative, class-based and was designed by Brad Cox and Tom Love, which was in a company called stepstone and was first screened in 1984. This is both stable and dynamic programming language. It supports cross-platform applications and was affected by small talk and C programming language. Objective C is a superset of programming programming. File extensions typically include .m or .h, depending on whether or not it is a program file or header file. Let's understand the difference between Swift and Objective C in this post. Click here to get more details about the Swift vs Objective-C: What is the Best Language for iOS Development?

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