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Node.JS vs Java: Which is the Best Development Platform

There are many contexts for this question. Just because most of the people are using JAVA, if you believe that Java is the best programming language. For you kind information, the Node JS is also an excellent programming language which offers you better through put when compared to JAVA. If you want to write code using Node JS you need to initially know which type of projects it is applicable for. All the data intensive real time applications can be easily written using Node and enterprise edition applications should not be built using Node. For example consider all the real time applications that need data immediately like Uber, Stock Exchange, Railway Tracking etc all these applications will work much faster in node than JAVA. I’m just astonished by the fact that in Node JS you can easily achieve parallelism without the concept of multi threading. Just remember that this is a new technology with lot of scope and you can create wonders using this. Just do not compare it with any other programming language. You need to accept the fact that Node JS is faster than JAVA and it is proved in many ways. See complete comparison: Node.Js Vs Java: Which is the Better

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